Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Was it just me...

Was it just me, or was it you too,
The sky neither seems grey nor does it blue,
Now I am split into two,
To be, or not to be, into you.

Was it just me, or was it also you,
Maybe it was just me who'd seen the clues,
The smile, the glances, and the gestures too,
So was it still just me, or was it also you.

Was it just me, it probably was,
How could my offers ever measure up to hers,
The sight of her I'd probably miss,
Maybe it was just a moment, a moment of bliss.


Eemelduh said...

did you write this? It's amazing.

Irfan Shai said...

yes "eemelduh", i wrote it =P. so whatchu think? can i sweep the girl off her feet with this? LOLz!

owh, i saw ummi yesterday. it was nice of her 2 remember me...