Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Journey or The Destination?

Have you ever wished that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, to be showered with luxury from the very beginning of your existence in this world? Who am I kidding, everybody has that wish! Who wouldn't enjoy having a lavish life... Huge bungalows to retreat to, sports cars to swap around, excessive branded clothes to don... Life would just be pretty much sweeter wouldn't it?

If you were to ask me that question something like 7 years back, my answer would definitely have been a yes. I wouldn't have had a second thought if I were given an opportunity to opt for express luxury. But I guess I can see clearly now, that all the wealth in the world would mean nothing if it doesn't come from my own sweat and blood. Some people would curse the rich kids for having very fortunate lives, enjoying all the fun without having to lift a finger for it, but not I. My aunt has taught me never to envy the fortune of others, even if these people never actually earned it. I believe that the message she was trying to convey is that the journey is more valuable than the destination. To be able to look back one day and honestly say that I earn all that I have...

Ibu and Ayah, I hope you know that I am thankful for everything that you've blessed me with. We're no rich people, but what you've provided me with has been more than what I could ever ask for, considering all the less fortunate people I see around. The thing I hate the most is to burden you further. I don't wish to be like one of those rich kids who rely on their parents' money all their lives, to be living in false glory. I want to learn to narrate my own story after this. I hope I'll be able to get out of your hair soon, cause' I know that way you could both enjoy life better without having to worry about me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Uniten Cup 08/09

Team : PSV Eindhoven
Position : Reserve Striker (hahaha!)
No. : 23 (Gila nak glamour!)

PSV Eindhoven vs. Santos

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friends Have Changed... Deal With It!

Friends, according to the Collin's dictionary I've just referred to, are people well known to us and regarded with affection and loyalty. The question is, would they still be called friends if they deviate from the definition that I've just stated?

Friends change over time, that is just inevitable. Back then when we were close, it seemed as if that bond was going to last a long time. But now things have changed. The laughs and cries we shared together seem like a distant memory. The hand that you would gladly reach for help in the past has now deemed to be useless in your pursuit towards the upper end of the ladder. And a simple gesture to acknowledge my "hello's" would now bring the same meaning as "a waste of time" in your dictionary.

But it's ok. Maybe I have changed as well. Nonetheless, I will try my best not to offend the few friends I have left. To friends of the past, I will hold on to the memories that we have together, so that when the day comes when you would need this hand again, those memories will give me a reason to gladly offer it to you... Take care.

FYP 2: Dreadful Tasks

It has already been 2 and a half weeks since I started this semester, but my FYP Logbook has yet to include new updates. Gosh! It couldn't have been a more sluggish of a start. As mentioned I've managed to acquire some help from our neighbouring university, UPM. A thousand thank you's to Dr. H'ng Paik San of the Forestry Faculty who has kindly agreed to help with the fabrication of my specimens. The next problem would be to find the carbon fiber cloth. RaceCraft has given me a bit of hope when I called them earlier, saying that they will get back to me with the details.

Hopefully everything goes well so I could start the fabrication by the beginning of next week. I can afford no delays anymore, if I am at all to submit Progress Report 3 by the 16th of next month. Let us all pray...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My New Toy : Casio Exilim EX-Z80

I figured I might need a camera for general use, also for work use in the near future. So what the heck, since PC Fair is here, I might as well invest in something useful when it's cheap. After reading plenty of reviews, I've decided to burn my cash on this baby! The slim Casio Exilim EX-Z80 which packs in impressive features...


  • 8.1 Megapixel Resolution
  • 2.6 Inch LCD
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Easy Mode
  • Best Shot
  • Auto Shutter
  • Face Detection
  • Movie Button
  • Drag and Drop Videos into iTunes

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Summary of The Past One Week or so...

Ten days of absence due to one single reason, my life has been nothing but dull for the past one week or so... Nothing much had happened in school, except for the trouble of trying to get resources for my FYP, which is already behind schedule. Thank God I've managed to secure a connection with the Forestry Faculty of UPM, for the future use of equipments and further assistance. Nothing much had happened outside school either. No exciting outings, no new girls to hang out with (haha!), and definitely no short vacations, which I have been longing for for the past couple of years!

I guess everybody needs to get serious at this stage of life. Sacrificing for the better good. How it gets on my nerves when some people can just afford to fool around.... Takpalah, hari ni hari diorang, mana tau esok-lusa hari kita pula... =)