Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Summary of The Past One Week or so...

Ten days of absence due to one single reason, my life has been nothing but dull for the past one week or so... Nothing much had happened in school, except for the trouble of trying to get resources for my FYP, which is already behind schedule. Thank God I've managed to secure a connection with the Forestry Faculty of UPM, for the future use of equipments and further assistance. Nothing much had happened outside school either. No exciting outings, no new girls to hang out with (haha!), and definitely no short vacations, which I have been longing for for the past couple of years!

I guess everybody needs to get serious at this stage of life. Sacrificing for the better good. How it gets on my nerves when some people can just afford to fool around.... Takpalah, hari ni hari diorang, mana tau esok-lusa hari kita pula... =)

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