Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Unposted Letter IV

Dear I,

Hye, from the other side of the world. I hope things are well with you, with your studies and all. I'm proud that you're making the best out of your life. I know our paths were meant to diverge came that time. No matter what may have happened in the past, know that I'm happy seeing you happy over there. You deserve it all.

I was going through my friendster account, wanted to see all the ancient messages in the inbox that I haven't deleted. And among them I came across the conversations we had when you went to Indonesia to visit your family. Suddenly I found my mind jogging five years back when it all started. You and I would never have come across each other's path if it were not for our special "padang". For that, I'll always have a soft spot for that place. Do you remember how I used to teach you how to kick a ball? Left leg parallel, kicking leg 90 degrees to the ball? LOL. Those were the times. It was us, and the neighbourhood kids, though many of them are no longer around.

You might not have known this, but I've always thought highly of you. There may be times when I lacked the emotions to show it all, but I was always proud to be with you. Despite your young age, you were one of the most mature and intelligent person I've ever met. But most importantly, you sincerely cared, for me and my family. I'm sure you know how much my mum loved you, and how she had always thought of you as her own. You were as fantastic as anyone can get when it came to my siblings. I'm sure of that cause' they adored you. I hope you know that I was as fond of Louay, Cza-cza and Shah. They were the most adorable.

A year and a half have brought a plenty of wonderful memories. We went through cycles of ups and downs together. The lepaking at mamak to watch football, the "tuition from hell" at your place (haha!), the birthday you planned, the valentine's we spent together. They were among the best times of my life. I know I've done a lot of mistakes throughout, deep inside I have always regretted for not being your best. A lot of times I acted like a child, I refused to understand the situations you were in. But you were as patient as can be, and I thank you for that. I wish I could have at least been more understanding towards your needs, and I wish I could've been around when you needed me too.

I hope you can forgive me for my imperfections, for being the intolerant one most of the time. You needed somebody to guide you in times of distress, but I didn't always give the best of guidance. I know I should've let you go and be happy for you when you decided to leave, but my pride held me back. I'm sorry for all the the times I didn't treat you like a princess, you deserved a million times better. I pray that you're always well and successful wherever your feet may take you in the future. We may come from families with different values and backgrounds, but I hope you stay rooted, and always make the best out of everything regardless of the outcome. Signing off from the other side of the world, take care of yourself.



Eemelduh said...


Thank you.

Love always,

Eemelduh said...

Can't believe I haven't been on Blogger for months, and the first time I come on-- What a great "welcome back". (hey, like the song)

Haha, tuition from hell.. It really was. But well worth it. :)))

Irfan Shai said...

welcome back - mase? haha... at least u learned something, i think =P.