Monday, September 29, 2008

Beginning of a New Journey

Here marks my first entry into the world of blogging. I was recently moved by what a friend had to say about issues he currently faces. Hence, this humble attempt to voice out my own thoughts about certain happenings. The same thoughts that have been bottled up all this while.

To be honest, since I was young I was not taught to express myself the way most of us do. I hardly shared my problems with anyone, nor did I have anyone to lend me a shoulder. Probably the reason why sometimes I find it hard to communicate, to spill the words that reflect the thoughts in my head. All this while I have told myself that I was just built that way. Contrary to that, I am now beginning to teach myself to communicate better, to learn to understand others, and to let them understand who and what I really am.

I may appear to be loud at times, goofing around and cracking jokes here and there. But only a few people would know what really dwells within. This blog may be my modest way of reaching out to others, but at least I believe those thoughts are being heard somewhere.


Johana Dato' Johari said...

Welcome to blogging, my handsome nephew. Good start to the therapeutic relief of journaling.

Anonymous said...

hellow cousin! you had some amnesia or something?

you were not taught to express our thoughts? do we even need to be taught to do so? haha. last i remember you use to be talkative (kot?) and approachable. you know those years when we cousins use to play together almost every month.

although im not the one to speak, but i think you just lost that "ability" along the way. what happened still puzzles me though. its been years since we really "talked".

but somehow i can feel that you're trying to connect to people, better now than few years ago. But you still get the "connection not established" error sometimes kan kan? :D Just need some tweakings here and there. and like i said you still have your cousins to talk to. cucu atuk berbelas-belas ade kan. just need to open up your heart and mind. sharing is caring. and dont be too scary!!!

ok. should shut my fingers up now. nnt kene marah. ampun!!