Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clouds of Questions

There are times when certain questions would cloud my mind. Questions that may have the simplest form of answers attached to them, yet these answers bring about the utmost level of ambiguity. In my journey across this bridge we call life, I hope someday I'll be able to understand better the many "why's" that I've always wondered about.

I believe everything has been planned by God. The sole reason of us being here is to learn why we are here. Why we are who we are, and what role do we play in the chronicle of events that He's lined up for us. "Islam" translates to "surrender". Dad once said that with better understanding of what is taught by the religion, and the purpose of life itself, your surrender to Him would be more complete. I second that...


Anonymous said...


For someone so young, you have given some very serious thought about life and its purpose and if you are truly sincere in your quest, as your name suggest, I am sure you would be able to understand some, but not all, of its purpose, for only Allah (swt) is all knowing and insya'Allah with such understanding your submission would be little better. The rest, my young friend, requires sincerity in your approach and believe in Allah's (swt) Wisdom.


Servant of Allah

Irfan Shai said...


thank u for the sincere comment. i realize that u must be right. i think we are only meant to discover what He wants us to discover through the Quran and His massengers, for we mere mortals lack the capacity to fathom what is beyond. after all, "faith" means believing in something without the presence of proofs...


dania said...

And usually the answers are there in front of you, but not apparent enough to let you know the exact answer so that we get to experience the discovery in various sort of ways.

This is a very true to life post you've got here. Well done.

-your random friend from the zoo-