Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Calamity

Such a perfect time to write a new entry, since I have loads to let out! Let me just start by saying, WHAT A WEEKEND! I guess God must be testing my patience for some good reason...

Friday, after college I went back to Ampang to service the car. First problem, gearbox was leaking. It'll burn a hole in my pocket to replace the flywheel oil seal, and at times like this, I don't know when I can afford that. So ok, just let it be for now, I said to myself.

Saturday, everything was fine in the beginning. Then calm turned into panic when my college mate told me that the test machine in UPM that we were supposed to use has been booked indefinitely. Great! Another problem... Now I have to look for some other alternative in such a short span of time.

Sunday, fine. I did most of my work. Went out to grab some dinner at Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa. Car died out on me on the way back. Thought it would just take some minor twitching to get it running again. Turned out it was not to be. Had to find a nearby workshop at 8.30 p.m. Just imagine! Found one, the guy was nice enough to follow me back to where the car was parked. Tried this and that, up until 10 p.m., but unfortunately to no avail. Some sensor which would cost something like RM 350 has to be replaced, and the earliest to get the problem rectified would be tomorrow morning. Ok fine, so I dragged the car to a friend's place a couple of streets away and parked it there. Went home, realized I left something in the car. Drove back there with my mum's car to grab those stuffs and found dents and scratches on the front fender already!

Tomorrow I have a quiz at 9 a.m. and experiments to run at 10 a.m. Then I have to rush back to Ampang right after to sort out the car... One word describes the weekend perfectly. Calamity!


Anonymous said...

Salaam Irfan
Allow me to quote a hadith:
"How amazing is the affair of the Muslim! His affairs are all good.If he experiences ease, he is grateful, and that is good for him. If he experiences hardship, he faces it with patience and perseverance, and that is also good for him".(Bukhari)

Allah surely have you in His sight....and that is good for you!
Pak Su

Irfan Shai said...

Wasalam Paksu,

Thank you for ur guidance and reassurance... i will try to make the best out of this, like i always have.