Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Random Sunday

"Irfan! Let's go Zorbing!!!". When Dian (one of my closest friends these days) randomly blurts out things like that, she's nothing close to kidding. So there I was, wondering what the hell this zorbing business was all about. And then I found out. I was like "Holy crap! You're not kidding are you?". But then it occurred to me, why not do something ridiculous once in a while. Probably do me some good (de-uncle-izing myself!). So it was then set for Sunday morning... Booked online.

Sunday (D-day):

We sped towards Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in her electric blue Encik Cooper S (as I call it...), arriving at 10 a.m. for the first ride. When we first saw the Zorb ball (or orb), we were like, "Oh crap! What the hell did we get ourselves into!". With all the people watching. Makciks who were jogging. Abang-abang Rempit on their bikes. God I felt ridiculous. It was explained that there were two types of rides. One dry, and the other one wet. And thanks to my goooooood friend Ms. Dian, we went for the wet one. So harnesses we strapped on, and we squeezed ourselves into the ball that was parked on a slope. There I thought "wet" meant we get to go over the lake or something. But no, they poured water into the ball! "What the...". I was temporarily happy seeing that there wasn't much water poured in to begin with, but discovered soon enough that it was actually too much to handle!!! As we were rolling down the slope, tumbling like clothes in a washing machine, water got into our noses and we couldn't even open our eyes! Then when the ball finally came to a halt, I burst out laughing... Wahahahahaha.... It was so funny. Thinking of how ridiculous we must've looked from outside, for our audiences. We were both drenched then.

"Ok, let's go for breakfast...", I suggested. Figuring we could at least dry our clothes while taking a walk. So we lepak at the cafeteria somewhere in front of the lake. While eating breakfast I saw people on those small boats, the ones where you have to cycle them, peacefully circulating the fountain in the middle of the lake. And since it has already started as a random day, I said to Dian, "Wei! Jom naik tu, jom!". Knowing her, it was a "yes" straight away. So there we were, stomachs all full from breakfast, cycling frantically to make our way to this direction and that. But it was great, the scenery and all, reminded me of my childhood. Hehe. With great effort we managed to find ourselves back at the bay. The freakin' boat seemed to have a mind of its own, direction wise...

"Hey, what say you we go have the foot reflexology massage today?", a brilliant idea that I suggested on our way back to the car. You guessed it, we drove to Bintang Walk and parked Encik Cooper S at Star Hill. We strolled down the road, until just a tad further than BB Plaza, still half soaked from the "wet" ride. It was funny when we passed several of those reflexology massage centres, Dian seemed to have this idea in mind that we were going for those dodgy ones. Hahaha. We finally decided on a place, the one that didn't look so dodgy instead =P. Maka kami pun dilayanlah oleh tukang urut... I know, I know. Such a girly thing to do. But guess what, it was good as hell! Painful, but in a good way. Haha. So 30 minutes of that, and 10 minutes for a shoulder massage... After that it was lunch at Pavilion. And that sums up my last Sunday. Tadaaaa!


Sanjay George Daniel said... much in a day! and i didnt know we have zorbing in malaysia! thanks buddy! the next i want to try! but hell i am like busy with work already:( enjoy your day and keep blogging buddy!

Anonymous said...

Eh so cool!

Irfan Shai said...

haha, yea... somewhere in titwangsa apparently. u both should try it!

Eemelduh said...

you know what... Kudos to whoever succeeded where I had failed, managing to drag you out for fun spontaneity! LOL. :D