Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Unposted Letters: Letter I

Dear H,

I had meant to write this for ages. But I've never managed to find the courage to. I had come across a letter that you once wrote to me, and it saddens me to think how it must've hurt you. When I selfishly mistreated you, and when I wasn't always there when you needed me. I know things have changed now, and I know we're all good with each other. Despite the fact that everyone from back then has been on different paths. But it still doesn't mean that I'm not sorry for not being perfect, the way you had deserved.

Do you remember, way back then when were were in high school? I never thought I'd end up with someone like you. The perfect opposite. Plus, it was all so sudden that we became close. I had competitions back then, so I naturally would've shied away, if you weren't so brave as to make it happen. What I felt with you was something all so new, and I had never experienced it with anyone before. You taught me a lot about about love, despite what everyone else thinks. I know now that you really cared. We were always fighting about every tiny bit of thing, but I realized that maybe in your own way you were trying to show that it mattered to you, that you cared.

We weren't together for long, but I treasured the moments I've had with you. I know I was the one who bailed out. Not because of the fights, but maybe I grew scared that things were becoming too serious too early. I was only a boy, not half as matured as you were. Forgive me, for the times I haven't been there to catch you when you fell. And for not being sensitive to your needs. I hope this letter finds you well, and I wish you the best for the time ahead of you.


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