Friday, September 11, 2009

The Unposted Letters: Letter II

Dear S,

I'm aware that you're becoming a lecturer, and I find it very inspiring that you're dedicating your life to such a noble duty. I hope everything's well, with your family and Mr. N. Maybe I wasn't so enthusiastic about the idea of him at first, but I guess nobody's perfect. The important thing is that you know he loves you, and that he will treat you no lesser than you what you deserve.

I was reminded of how our story started. Back in the place called the "Illuminated Bridge". Never had it occured in my mind that I would fall for you. Well, maybe it did, sort of. I just knew that I wanted to be around you, cause' it made me feel alive, and full of purpose everytime I was around you. And then we started to hang out more often, and one thing led to another.

I'm always thankful to have shared that part of my life with you. I think we've thought each other a lot. I know I wasn't the best of companion, and I know I did a lot of mistakes. We were two very different people, but somehow we connected really well. My only regret was that I sometimes tried to change the person that you were, when in fact I was the one who was flawed. In the end I saw what I was doing, and I decided that it shouldn't be that way. So I left, selfishly, without an explanation.

Somehow we managed to reconnect some few odd years back, and once again that bond magically reestablished. Though this time we became the closest of friends. I had such a blast when it lasted, cause' it felt like I could tell you anything. And we knew each other so well. Maybe it was fated that it had to end as well, someway or the other. I know we both didn't plan that, but under the circumstances, I understand that you made the best choice.

I would write you a thousand letters of apologies for my immature behaviour, when we were more than friends, and also when we were the closest of. Yet I think it would still not suffice. But I am truly sorry, for every time I broke your heart, for every time I said something to hurt you, for every time I didn't pay attention to what you felt, and for every time I made you feel like you were not perfect. I know now that I was wrong.

Whatever you do, and wherever your life will take you, I hope you're always well taken care of. And I wish you the most blissful of life ahead.


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