Thursday, September 24, 2009

Should I?

Should I have pretended to be perfect,
the way your eyes had preferred to see?
Should I have told you lies,
and let deceit lead you to me?

Should I have hidden my flaws and weaknesses,
and convince you that I'm an angel sent from above?
Should I have faked better attributes,
so maybe you would think I'm good enough?

Should I have showered you with expensive gifts,
so that I could win your utmost attention?
Should I have promised you a thousand promises,
to wipe away your apprehension?

Should I have offered you less of my concern,
so you wouldn't have doubted my sincerity?
Or should I have not considered all this in the first place,
because it would mean I would have not been me?


Anonymous said...

More like if you had considered all that then, you and I would not have meant to be...

Irfan Shai said...

*clap clap clap*

u're right...

Anonymous said...

I accidently found your page. I’m glad that I went through your page. When I read all your posts, somehow it gives me courage, inspiration and I’m so touched with few of your posts. Congrats!!! At least you can express your feelings even though in writing. For me that’s good enough rather than you keep all things in your heart alone. Please continue writing and inspired people around you..

Irfan Shai said...

thank you for the words of encouragement my anonymous fren. and i'm glad it was able to at least bring a bit of goodness to u.

do drop by and leave comments whenever u feel like, whoever you may be...