Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Finals

First finals for master's are just around the corner. By now I should feel like a veteran when it comes to exams. But I guess it's just one of those things that you'll never feel like you're prepared enough for. I think I might have to stretch the envelope further, and try to go beyond mediocrity. Maybe master's is my ticket to redemption, after falling from grace. Lol.

Thank God all the projects and presentations are over with, a little less burden off of my chest. I hope I'll do well this time. To prove my self-worth, most importantly, to myself. Quite a lot to study, in quite little time. Applied Heat Transfer, Applied Mechanics, Applied Thermodynamics, Computational Mathematics... Even the subject names sound like tongue-twisters don't they? Haha...

It's funny that I only think about updating this god-forsaken blog at times like this. Probably it's a form of therapy to me, to write and take some time off of my work. I can only digest so many correlations and numbers at a time, so cut me some slack. Haha. Anyways, to not further sound like a girl and update on every little thing, I'll be going off now...

I'll try to update the blog when I'm a little less busier.


Anonymous said...


All the best for your coming exams. i've always believed that you have what it takes to come out tops in whatever you do!
But do take time off to smell the roses.......


Irfan Shai said...


Thanks paksu. will try to endure this with my head held up high... haha.

Anonymous said...

Heard you aced your exams. Alhamdulillah well done and congrats.

btw, the word verification for this comment was 'toplace'. ha ha