Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Run Baby Run

Often when I'm stuck in a situation where I know that I'm bound to hurt someone, I run away. I wonder if it's becoming a trend for me. Maybe I'm starting to doubt myself, the extent to which I'm capable of making someone happy. Or maybe I'm just scared of being disappointed, some would say I'm so simple that I'm difficult.

Over the past few years I can say that being in a relationship has never worked well for me. Actually I don't mind the idea of being single. In fact most of the time I'm happier this way, not having to worry about attending to the emotions of a partner. I admit, sometimes it's nice to have a companion to share affections. But when things get tangled up between her wants and my responsibilities, that's when the whole idea seems like a nuisance.

Maybe I'm no good with relationships now. But secretly I'm hoping that the right girl would come along the way to prove me wrong, to show me what it really means. I'm so worried about becoming the saviour for everyone else, maybe I'm the one who actually needs one...

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