Thursday, November 6, 2008

Screwed Sideways by Turbomachinery

My turbomachinery paper yesterday screwed me up pretty badly. It wasn't as smooth as I previously thought it would be. Actually the paper wasn't all that tough, but because we all had only so much exposure on answering such questions, it turned out to be a disaster. If that weren't bad enough, I managed to add on some silly mistakes here and there! Damn it!

The part that kills me is that some of my mates had gotten a bit luckier than I had, despite the fact that they rarely studied. And to top that off, I was the one who helped them with the subject before! Icing on the cake, just perfect...


It's ok, I'm going to look at this as half glass full. I've always believed that one measure of a man is how he bounces back from failures. I'll keep on burning the midnight oil if I have to. I guess some of us who weren't born with genius brains have to work harder as a substitute.

p/s: Ayah, please don't be mad if I don't score ya? =P

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