Monday, January 5, 2009

A Weekend in Genting

It was an early start for a Saturday, my college buddies & I were already heading towards Terminal Putra LRT Station by 8 a.m. so that we could catch a bus to Genting. Turned out luck was against us, the next bus was not going to be until 11 p.m. and it had started drizzling. So we decided to climb up the hill with Hafiz's car instead, a fantastic old work horse if I might add...

After a light breakfast at Gohtong Jaya, we thought it'd be a cool idea to give the cable car a shot... So RM5.00 later we were ascending towards the city of entertainment in one of those dangling boxes. Scary shit... But fun at the same time!

Sampai atas pun still hujan! Damn it! And you know what, it didn't stop raining until it was 3 p.m., rosak plan nak main-main kat Outdoor Theme Park! Nevermind, I guess there's always a next time... We did however enjoy ourselves. The Snow World was fun, worthy of a substitute... At least I succeeded in taking my mind off of my worries, and making myself feel like a small kid again, frolicking and throwing snowballs around! =) But I enjoyed the breezy walk the most, the weather was just COOL! And the highlight of the day had to be the Bentley Continental GT we came across!

Nevermind the car, I can't even afford the NUMBER PLATE!!!

Hafiz, Helmi & Me

Helmi, Harris & Me


Anonymous said...

Yo bro, you did quite tell us about the problem you got your mind off. If your studies, no big deal, you look like a smart ass!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, please dont stand too close to my car. You kinda clashed with the car's magnificent aura. ha ha
Secondly, your buddies doesn't seems to be bothered by the cold weather. Control mucho giller!
Didnt know that you like venturing out to such places....and never thought you would give the public bus a try.
Next trip to Cameron, i'll gladly take you along minus the Bentley, of course...
Pak Su

Irfan Shai said...

haha, w'salam paksu... sorry2, jakun sgt tengok kete tu. u must be quite a gambler if u can afford one of those! =D
bus ok apa, y not... i've been tired of driving around anyways. it's almost therapeutic to be driven around instead! =P wah! bile pulak nak pegi cameron??!!

anonymous, thanks for the concern. looking like a smart ass and actually performing like one are two different things... =P just worried about not performing up to par... i dun like being disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Quite the contrary, gamblers prefers Porsches, Ferarris or Lambourginis. To own a Bently, scrooge like me had to really pinched & saved. Its quite easy when your daily meals consist of plain rice with half-boiled eggs. Sometime ketchup is thrown in to make it look presentable and also to avoid any choking of the eggs...
Trying to fix a date on the Cameron trip but without the 5-star accommodation though. Feel like trying out the one of those home-stay type. Dare to give it a shot?