Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Boys' Toys

Studies have shown that men show pride via the vehicles that they own, or at least what they appear to own (bapak belikan =P). Some would say a man's car is a projection of his true personality. Can a filthy rich bugger who drives a Porche Cayman S be concluded as egoistic and a showoff? Can a guy who drives a more subtle MPV like a Toyota Estima be labeled as a responsible family man? As far as I am concerned, an absolute conclusion can never be drawn from what a man drives. Tho, I do personally think that those people who drive turbocharged Perodua Kancils without proper suspension setups, braking systems and good rubbers to hold their puny machine on the tarmac are just plain idiots! Brave, but idiots nevertheless...

The more agreed statement would be the reflection of a man's taste through his car. Have you ever come across those typical rallycar wannabe Proton Wira's with jacked up end that come equipped with huge tires? The ones that also erect GT-wings with no absolute purpose for FWD cars except for hanging wet clothes to dry? And I haven't even mentioned the gazillion aftermarket tuner stickers yet... Bear in mind that some of these cars don't even have the horsies to match their monstrous looks! Shows how tacky Malaysians can be... I bet those lads cruising on the more civilized Perodua Kelisa's can get more numbers from the chicks! I don't understand why they can't just settle with good sets of wheels and sleek bodykits to match, if they can't think of anything else to burn their money for... If power figure is the goal, shouldn't it always be complemented with safety? Like a good suspension setup and an improved braking system perhaps?

I admit that I don't yet have the money to own any of my desired machines from the previous post. But I am thankful for what my dad is lending me. Eventhough sometimes I tend to dream of ridiculously upgrading my machine, I've decided to opt out for the more responsible approach. The wiser approach. Tho hopefully someday I'll be able to own my own purpose built performance car.

"A good performance car is always built from ground up"

Here's what my dad is currently lending me:

2006 Proton Waja MME

Minor Modifications (self-made and by Proton):
1) K&N Drop-in Filter
2) R3 Exhaust System (stock Campro's low-end torque sucks!)
3) R3 Springs (still a tad too soft)
4) R3 Plug Cables
5) 17'' KII wheels (lighter than stock)
6) 205/45/17 Yokohama A-Drive R1 tires (fantastic grip on both dry and wet)
7) Pro-RS Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Hose (less spongy brake pedal)
8) AXT Turbo Brake Pads (great bites)
9) Denso Iridium spark plugs(last longer than normal copper plugs)


Paula said...

My husband likes his gadgets and I have always seen cars as just big boys toys. He loves messing around under car bonnets and he can be real messy at times, leaving oily rags and bits of metal(car parts I guess) all over the place. He is currently trying to restore an old ford escort, a Mark 3, I think he said. I will be glad when its done, I am fed up of the chaos.

Irfan Shai said...

haha... try to bear with it paula! i know women can never understand the kid inside a grown up man. it's just like how we can never understand some certain parts of you. but it's good to see some enthusiasm in him. i mean, look at the bright side. at least he's spending his time and money on cars, not on something/someone else! touch wood!