Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

It has been a week since I last wrote anything. Thank God it's Friday, the idea of having a weekend ahead is like a breath of fresh air. Time to unwind and enjoy a cup of good old black coffee with Zay-D!

I haven't really got the time to do anything the whole week, aside from completing assignments and projects, and toiling for my Electro-mechanical Systems Test 2. Next week would be a whole different story, a new set of game I would say... haha. I guess life just doesn't get any easier. But it wouldn't be that interesting if it does, now would it? =P

The weekends ahead of Raya would definitely mean a full schedule of open houses! So tomorrow's destination would be Ewat's house in Seremban. I'm pretty sure this time I'll run out of that charm to collect duit raya! But it's ok, I bet the food is going to be fantastic! =D Sunday I might be dropping by an old friend's house. I haven't got the slightest of idea where she lives. But since Ali said he might be going to check out the chicks, I thought it wouldn't hurt! Haha...

Well, before I leave, here is a picture taken last week during the first few days of Raya...

~At Alia's place~

Top: Alia, Dida, Zufer
Bottom: Ilias, Mayon, Irfan

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