Saturday, October 25, 2008

GOTCHA! From The Future...

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity states that there is no difference between the past and the future in the 4-dimensional space-time-world. The present is only an illusion. But if time is a one-way street as we assume it to be, and if you could just theoretically travel through it, which one time would you want to visit? Back into a certain past, or forward into an uncertain future?

I have always wondered how life was back then, when my dad was around my age. I think it'd be really awkward seeing him that young... Like Back To The Future! LOL! Sometimes the tales we hear aren't as accurate as the reality itself. We all know stories change through time, some might just be for the better. If my dad says he never skipped class when he was in school, I know he's lying! =P I think it'd be interesting to just see how he was back then... Was he as virtuous as he says he was? Was he all that righteous that he didn't commit any of the mistakes that we do when we're young? You know your parents never tell the complete truth about the wrongs they'd done in the past...

Every guy was once young and foolish, and I bet my dad was just like most of us when he was young. Tried to act all tough and look all cool to the ladies... Fooled around with nonsense, just to fit in with the crowd... Struck by a dreadful spell of laziness during exam seasons... Kene marah dengan bapak/mak sebab asyik keluar enjoy sampai result exam teruk! Come on dad! The apple can't fall too far from the tree! =P If I could only meet him then, I'd say "You don't know me yet, but GOTCHA!"

So, which one time would you choose? =D

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